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Thank you to everyone for doing your part to help slow the spread of COVID-19. This has turned most of our lives upside down, but has also given all of us the opportunity to come together and support one another.

We want you to know that we here at Gameroom are doing our part.  We’re working from home when we can, staggering shifts when possible, and keeping our hands and surfaces clean and sanitized.  Anyone feeling even a little sick, or with potential exposure to the virus is staying home.

For you, our loyal customer and enthusiast, things should look pretty much the same.  We’re still shipping out orders every day and will continue to provide customer service and support.

While working to provide pinball and arcde stuff might feel frivolous to some, we believe it’s important to provide our customers with an outlet during these times of uncertainty and isolation.  The world might look a bit bleak right now, but at least we can light up a small corner of it.

Thanks for your continued support.  Stay healthy and stay safe.

Your Gameroom Team