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Need Heighway Pinball parts…. we got it :)

In light of Pinball Brothers release of the new Alien, a lot of questions have come regarding support for old Heighway Pinball (HP) customers posibillity to source parts for their HP Alien pinball machines. want to tell everyone that owns an old HP there is still parts in stock and we will support old customers as good as we can.

New updated IO board version 1.4.C that will be available first part of 2021. They are made with high quality parts. is still in the process of opening up for public and are being “filled up” with NOS HP parts, and other pinball parts.

Parts and mechanisms that is changed in new design of Alien but still compatible with old games will also be listed here.

If you have any questions or cant find the parts you are looking for on, please don’t hessitate to use our contact form and we will come back to you.

Yes! we are also in process of reproducing parts for the FULL THROTTLE – Stay tuned

Happy hollidays and Play Better!