Coin Door


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Universal coin door that fits almost any brand. This door is fitted from factory on newer Sterns, JJP games and Alien and Full Throttle from Heighway Pinball. * Replacement part for all Stern/ Data East/ Sega/ Williams and Heighway Pinball pinballs. * “Universal” Patented one-price mech. holder design. Will fit all known 3″ x 5″ mechanical and electronic acceptors on the market. * Heavy 16 gauge steel door. * Sturdy die cast aluminum frame. * Accepts bills and coins. * This door will accommodate the folowing upstacker bill validators: MEI Series 2000 Upstackers ICT A6, S6, PAT Series Upstackers Pyramid APEX 5000-U & XLC 5000-U Series Upstackers

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Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 35 × 29 × 12 cm