#10-24 Threaded Insert 1024JLS19-24BR

kr 13,69

Thread Type
US Threads

Slotted Coarse Threaded


U.S. Thread Size (A)

Outside Diameter (+.000 -.003) (B)
.296 in

Outside Diameter (B)
.296 in

Outside Diameter Tolerance (B)
+.000 -.003 in

Length (C)
.375 in

Length Tolerance (C)
+.000 -.010 in

Outside Thread (D)

(+/- .005) (E)
.261 in

(+/- .010) (F)
.083 in

(+.010 -.000) (G)
.200 in

(+/- .005) (H)
.062 in

(+/- .002) (I)
.050 in

Base Materials
Soft Metals, Thermoplastics, Thermoset Plastics, Wood

Installation Methods

Starting Hole Size Inches
.264 to .270


Advantages: Self-tapping, self-locking Wider-spaced external threads reduce installation Torques are particularly efficient for fragile or weak plastics Offer strong resistance to rotation and withdrawal Leads on both ends simplify installation Automated production Ideal description for Yardley TRISERT Rough Threaded Inserts Internally and externally threaded metal inserts are designed to meet the increasing demand for grip in thermoplastics, thermoset plastics, soft metals and wood. Wider spaced external threads reduce installation torque and provide a stronger hold. Installation is simple because the three external flutes provide full chipping action while keeping chips inside the threads clean.

Type threaded
Material brass
Configuration round
Applications for plastics, for wood, for metal.